The next version of android is released. The new version is with full of new features. The new Android 10 was released on 3rd September 2019. For the first time in android history, its name doesn’t have a tasty dessert name. Android Q is officially called Android 10. With the Android 10 update, Google brings a lot of new features that listed on Google’s official page for some new software. Some of the newest ways to control your settings, privacy, customize your phone and get things the way you want. Here are new features of Android 10:

  1. Dark mode: Finally, the much-awaited Dark theme has been introduced into the software. Except for the aesthetic preference, it is often higher in several different ways in which, like for your eyes, reckoning on lighting conditions after you use the phone. Not simply this, however, it is often nice on battery life, chiefly after you use the phone with associate degree OLED screen. Here the phone won’t need lighting up those pixels that show black, therefore it saves you some power additionally. Not simply this however just in case of mechanical man ten, it mechanically turns to Dark theme once low on battery. This shift is brought into Google’s system with the apps like Photos & Calendar additionally contact darkened.dark mode
  2. Back button is gone: The back button, a navigation staple of automaton, is formally departure with automaton ten. Following au courant Pie’s gesture-based navigation that unbroken the aging back button around, automaton ten currently options a completely gesture-based methodology of navigation. Swiping up goes home, a swipe up and hold reveals the multitasking menu, and a swipe from the left or right fringe of your screen goes back. That’s a fairly massive shift for automaton navigation.
  3. Smart Reply: This good Reply feature from Google is kind of fun, because it instantly offers the words or emoji, and serves up quick-tap response choices for the messages that square measure considerably on-point. Currently, with the introduction of automaton ten, you’ll be able to simply access these with any of the electronic communication apps, be it Facebook courier, Signal, or WhatsApp. These square measures the discourse response buttons, will be still unnoticed and users can select sound out a full response, however, UN agency would wish to miss the fun and avoid wasting of their time.
  4. Focus Mode: With smartphones adding a lot of options, and a lot of apps and games, every now and then it is overwhelming and even powerful to place your attention anyplace else. And this is often wherever Focus mode comes helpful. in contrast to a lot of severe Focus mode of OnePlus that blocks the overwhelming majority of phone functions for a short while, Google’s version permits you to effectively disable a couple of apps straight off. This manner the notifications are hidden and it makes them inaccessible, forcing the users to travel anyplace else or specialize in no matter else they’re doing.
  5. Share Menu: Android’s share menu has been a hot mess for a short while currently. The core practicality is okay, however, it’s frequently slow to open despite what phone you are victimization. Thankfully, humanoid ten addresses this. During a diary post, Google noted that “the share UI will load instantly once it’s launched” since the shortcuts area unit “published in advance”. Speaking of sharing, humanoid ten conjointly introduces one thing referred to as “Sharing Shortcuts”. A Sharing route permits developers to make a brand new possibility within the share menu which will share a file/photo/etc. during a specific part of another app abundant quicker than before.
  6. Sound Amplifier: With Sound amplifier, your phone will boost sound, filter background, and fine-tune to however you hear the best. When you are talking with your friends, look TV, or being attentive to a lecture — simply infix your headphones and listen to everything a lot of clearly.
    sound amplifier
  7. Data Privacy: With Android 10, you can control your privacy settings. This is why because you get new android with smart features and smarter controls that let you decide how and when data on your device is to be shared. So now you can rest and don’t worry about your data.
  8. Wi-Fi Sharing: It has been since long that the smartphones from the brands, like Huawei & Xiaomi, modify the users to share the Wi-Fi credentials via the QR codes. The nice news is that Google has additionally adopted this trend with its new humanoid update. This feature is sort of straightforward to use and even as tapped on the Wi-Fi affiliation, you’ll be able to merely hit the share button, then manifest with it together with your fingerprint or phone’s positive identification. Currently from here, you’ll be able to see a QR code, and your friend is able to scan this code to realize access. This has already been out there with the third-party apps, however, currently, it’s nice to examine Google additionally catching this trend.

These are some amazing features of Android 10. So let’s enjoy the new features with your new android.

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