Artificial intelligence is the field which helps in the creation of intelligent and advanced machine those work like humans. Activities those are included or used in computers for are speech reorganization, learning, planning, and problem-solving. In other words, we can understand the term of Artificial intelligence like this that: It’s a branch of advanced computer science, which focuses to create an intelligent machine. Artificial intelligence now becomes an important part of the current technology word. Associates those are involved in this field are highly skilled peoples, they are highly talented, technical experts, and specialized in this field of intelligence. History of Artificial intelligence born in the year 1956, but this becomes popular because of present data volumes, advanced algorithms and intelligence, and improvement in storage and computing power.

Artificial intelligence techniques include Machine Learning, Robotics, Machine Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP). Innovation and technology have seen a speedy growth in the past decade, now people using Big Data, Cloud Computing, IOT, Virtual Reality, Automated Relativity etc, all of them provide us a picture or idea of future where we are moving towards.

Artificial Intelligence effects daily life and market by its advanced and innovative technologies. SIRI, Alexa, Androids, Chatbots are some or examples that are using widely all over the world. But in current the things are going more surprisingly cars don’t need drives, watches are not only used to see the time, now a single watch bends can give you the information of walk steps, calories counts, email, even weather fortune, etc. Like these, all are personal examples but according to business prospects, artificial intelligence truly marks and glowing like a star. Now customer are more centrist, they feel more worthy, now business owners are focusing on services. It enables the goal of the targeted market, because of easily available and true people making their strategy and predict the chances of a win and lose.  By using analytics, customer relationship management software, social media, provide a higher return on investments. Multi-layered marketing strategies, now automatically provide messages, that leads customers to the next stages of buying.

Areas of AI

As face and voice, recognition techniques are evolving continuously, learning of machine algorithms is going advanced and smarter. Now society and industries are affected by artificial intelligence and we all moving ahead to transformation. According to a media report, more than 80 % of industries or business will use chatbots up to the year 2020. IT industries reportedly investing a huge amount in artificial intelligence, IBM is on top on among them, IBM invested more than 1 billion in artificial intelligence. By this investment, there are lots of jobs available for engineers, developers, technicians, etc. It’s firstly used in the sector of health to cure cancer patients by doing oncology. Electronic Commerce industry is impacted and undergo for a transformation with Artificial Intelligence. Now stores of consumer durables or shopping halls, are fully automated and advanced, now people can easily select the item of their choice. Robots are also playing a significant role in shopping, now robots by using navigation, select and deliver products to customers. The workload of legal professionals is also reduced, now there is less need to maintaining files and database, recording entries, case, as It’s already maintaining and manage their work record automatically. Industries like insurance and financial institutes need significant data processing and content, It helps them in a great manner.

No doubt It’s helping business and society all over the world, but it also has some bad impact those effects human life in a bad way. Advantage technology and machinery world, reduce work for humans, and that increase unemployment widely. Human emotions and communication gaps are increasing. In the competitive world of artificial intelligence, everyone wants to win, and sometimes a bad competitive spirit reduces enhance crimes also. Data transfer, theft is also a limitation of artificial intelligence.

Human emotions and communication gaps are increasingly

But we can undoubtedly say, It is the future of business, and society surely will get benefits from it along with some limitations. Sophia is the latest robot and reflected the future of artificial intelligence. Sophia also has citizenship of Saudi Arabia.

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