Do you ever think what if Michael Jackson not did work hard or practice, will he be the well known MJ? What if Amitabh  Bachchan who is rejected because of his longs legs and voice, if he not tried hard will he become Big B today? Do you know the beast? I believe your answers will be in yes, but if I ask do you know who is Jinder Mahal, only a few can say yes. Just because of hard work Jinder Mahal becomes The best, a well known powerful WWE wrestler. In a general view, the difference between hard work and talent is only that talent needs hard work to get success, but hard work doesn’t need any talent to get success.  Because according to the old proverb, practice makes a person perfect.

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The combination of talented and hardworking people required to achieve success for business in the long run. But business owners prefer natural talented people in their team, rather than hard workers, because sometimes this may happen hard work takes time to get versed in the team and prove their talent, but this is for sure hard-working people must get talent by the time. Even natural talented people not achieve success or fails to get organization goal, without hard work.  We all know the story of tortoise and rabbit, the rabbit has an inborn talent of running, but the tortoise not. But who won the race and why? Tortoise because he played hard and did hard work to get on the endpoint. There are so many exist with live examples where hard work beats talent.


We are not saying talent is nothing to get success, but this will surely go in vain if this is not direct in a right and appropriate manner. Hard work is also may unnoticed if someone does not has enough smartness to get success. Talent is key to success and hard work is the path to how to achieve a goal. If you have talent but not drive it than talent is purely is a waste. Like a hammer which is useless if this is not used by anyone. Talent and hard work are going hand in hand, to get desired results. A person needs to make and develop themself into a hard-working person to get the best of them.  This is the world of advanced technologies and here everything is fast, if someone does smart work then they can replace hard work. But when we born we have a blank mind, by the time goes, one gets talented after doing hard work. Through hard work and dedication, one can grow their talent . To get clarity or read more about talent and hard work, a famous writer Geoff Colvin wrote an amazing book “ Talent is overrated: what Reality Separates Word Class, performers from anybody else”. As life is not all about success and nor all about failure, the same is with talent and hard work. A skillful action is a correct formula, to get success and that formula is a mix of talent and hard work.

Hard Work PaysOff

But for future concern we must rely on hard work, a hardworking person never fails. Hard work always has the upper hand on talent . Hard work is that who create talent in person. By talent, one can manage the things, but hard work is creating and carries the novelty.

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“ Working hard can make a person successful. “

Hard Work or Talent


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