Hybrid vs Native Apps-

Almost for a decade currently, mobile apps became a kingpin of innovation. With the growing market of smartphone devices, most of the organizations are adopting ways in which to include mobile apps in their business flow, so as to reinforce their market reach.

For the event of the mobile app, the organizations need to do careful designing regarding varied styles of processes. Well, before going for app development, you have got to come to a decision upon the manner within which you’d wish to produce and deploy the app.

Most of the companies face a common challenge that what should be built either native app or hybrid app? Which will be the best for the organization?

For better decisions about these apps let us take a look at the differences between hybrid and native app. Get knowledge about all the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid and native apps and about the features.

Native app vs Hybrid app

Native Apps:

Native app is a software or program which has been coded to perform some specific task on a specific platform, for devices having specific operating system (OS). Native application built using Software Development Tool (SDK) for some certain framework, hardware platform or operating system. These apps can take benefits of the operating system (OS) feature and other software tools which are installed on that platform. They also have access to various phone functions like camera, gallery, and contact list, etc. Some of the native apps are compiled into machine code. These facilities help native apps perform better on mobile devices.

Native development is easy and there are many resources available, but it might not be understandable to everyone. Since the code should be written specifically for every platform, it’s to be rewritten for everyone. Solely the logic remains same however the language, APIs and also the development method may be totally different. Sometimes, this method becomes quite long for advanced applications.

Why Native Apps?

  • Graphical Applications, HD games, intensive animation applications would possibly perform well as native app as a result of Native code remains quicker than hypertext mark-up language and JavaScript. WebGL standards help browser and hybrid apps for recreation apps to fulfill performance however still native has edge.
  • Native SDKs permit access device options while not managing complexness of native plugins and new device options are offered out of the box together with SDKs.
  • Not a lot of dependencies on open supply libraries and platforms like Cordova and Ionic.

Hybrid Apps:

Hybrid apps are native apps just because it can be downloaded from the platform’s app store like the native app. Hybrid app is a program that is built using HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript and wrapped in a native container. A hybrid is a mobile app that contains a web view to run a web application inside of a native app, using a native app wrapper that can communicate with the native device platform.

Why Hybrid App?

  • Don’t need to write code, again and again, just write a single code base for all platforms that means you just write once and run anywhere but on the other hand we need to build and maintain separate apps and code for each and every platform.
  • The same development team can deliver an app for any platform like the website.
  • The hybrid app is based on web technologies so that the same app can be run on the browser.
  • Hybrid apps can attain the same hardware-based performance native app.

Major differences between hybrid and native

  • Hybrid apps are built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript whereas native apps built with specific technology and language for a certain platform like Java for Android, Swift for iOS.
  • A hybrid app can be built for any platform from a single code base.
  • Native plugins required to access some native features of the platform like gallery, camera etc.

difference between hybrid and native


Native app and Hybrid app both are fulfill the different requirements and settings of users and developers. Both have their strengths and weaknesses and the decision is up to you that which app fits you better and which app you will use in your application.

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