Have we ever consider or focused on working hours? Have you ever think about on-duty time or for business meetings or have you ever be late to reach in office, at a party or in missed your train?
If your answer is yes at any certain point then you should get to know about punctuality.

One should be punctual

Being on time and running before the times shows your dedication and seriousness towards your work and personal life. A professional person never late to achieve their goals and target in life. A successful person has a quality of punctuality in their skills, a person need to be serious regarding their business hours, business calls, meetings, etc. We need to travel before to get a bus, train or flight to reach on destination why not for office or meetings, a single minute late miss your transport and cost you extra for new tickets, waste of time, and also missed your important interviews, function, etc, and late coming to office cost huge loss to organization by negligence of work and late hours, client and project loss.

In a meeting it leads a wrong and very bad impression of a contributor or a responsible person reach late for discussion or conference calls, customers don’t want to invest their money in such a projector in a company where deadlines do not meet on times, they make their perception that they wouldn’t get their work on time by organization. Also, they don’t provide good feedback about the work culture of an organization, and such bad reviews can be a hurdle in way of success. Latecomers also not get respect from co-workers, management because late coming or absenteeism also affects other peoples work too.

On other hands, punctual folks get respect from others and encourage other peoples to be on time or before time. Punctual never afraid about project deadlines, as they work and plan their strategy as per time is given.

Job security is much important when the economy is struggling and at the time of retrenchment, punctuate is not only the factor that can save a job, but it surely provides an advantage to people.


Need for punctuality

Punctuality is very important at the workplace because employers giving you compensation for your time work done if a person is not coming on time than someday they surely lose their job because of carelessness and frequent late entries. Punctual people are much prepared and goal-centric for their
work and self-motivated and always accomplished their task on time.

Punctuality leads a person at a position where everyone finds them dedicated, professional and loyal and these all quality provide promotion and development in professional and personal life.

Punctuality does not signify to reach a destination by doing the rush driving or at the cost of life, punctuality encourages us to be on time, and manage our time according to schedule decided. So a person can save time for own self and of others also. The person can enjoy their work and accomplished every task if they follow the time and be them self a punctual person.

Hopefully, you guys understood what I’m trying to convey.
Thanks for giving your precious time in reading my words and thoughts.


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