How to Become a Successful Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers research, determine, examine, and assess product demand in order to increase it by developing promotional campaigns and strategies that take into consideration the predetermined target audience. They work for creating, implementing as well as executing strategic plans for the functioning of an organization in order to attract more and more potential customers with their strategic market management plans.

As per a market analysis in 2016, in the next 10 years, marketing managers’ jobs in advertising and promotions are expected to grow by 10%.

The work of a marketing manager is to research, examine, determine, assign, and assess services and product demand to increase it by creating strategies and campaigns to develop demand which can be taken up by target audience.

They also work for establishing and consistently maintaining the brand’s image positive in the eyes of the target audience.

Their daily work task includes coordinating and managing marketing with creative staff and also researching in order to uncover opportunities.

They work to build a strong relationship between the company and its existing customers. In some cases, depending upon the structure of the organization, the marketing manager might be an all-rounder and he may focus on one of these responsibilities.

Marketing manager in an organization considered to be business leaders and marketing leaders because they work with a group of executives to find out and set budget and targets.

The entire marketing department is dependent on a marketing manager for direction and guidelines to executive plans as directed by the manager.

What is the Marketing Manager Job Description?

The marketing manager job description differs by industry type and company, however, in most cases they need to look after the multiple platforms of communication which they use to promote.

When the square measure asked to elucidate, “What task promoting manager performs on day to day basis? given below are some of the roles that a marketing manager performs:

(i) frequently making promotional posts, themes, and messages to drive business.

(ii) Coordinating with staff in executing set marketing strategies and plan across all channels.

(iii) Experimenting and testing with new trends of the prompting message and grabbing new opportunities.

(iv) Setting budgets for various media and campaigns.

(v) Guiding and directing in following the brand’s social media channels strategy.

(vi) Building strong relationships with local and national media outlets.

(vii) Regularly monitors the performance of the website and company’s presence digitally.

(viii) Discussing problems with the client services unit to deal with problems.

(ix) Teaching promoting department regarding new trends within the trade.

(x) Considering customers feedback received from the customer service department.

(xi) Analyzing and interpreting the advertising results and sharing the conclusion with other departments.

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Now, as you are well aware of the marketing manager job description, the next thing you need to pay attention to is the work environment in which he or she needs to work-

1. Work Environment
Marketing managers usually in an organization have separate cabins but to attend meetings or group discussion they prefer conference rooms.

In some cases, the marketing manager job description required them to work for different locations if they are involved in any way with the production department of the company.

Some companies prefer open offices so that the marketing managers can easily connect with their immediate employees even while working.

Depending upon the working structure of the company or how you prefer to work, this would either lead to further collaboration across the different departments, or this will create a situation of distracting work environment.

In today’s state of affairs, promoting managers either work on the company’s laptop computer or typically through the company’s smartphone.

If you start working as a marketing manager, you may be even expected to take the company’s laptop and smartphone home to meet the deadline.

2. Working Schedule
A Marketing Manager or even the Digital Marketing Manager is a full-time position where the manager has to give a minimum of nine hours daily to the organization.

Sometimes they are required to present before and after working hours to attend conferences or meetings with the clients.

During the time of the company’s special events, marketing managers need to manage the event by giving extra hours and sometimes have to work extra during the weekends to ensure everything goes well.

In a retail business, most marketing managers work during the time of festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and on Black Fridays as those days are typically important for company’s sales.

Some companies for giving extra hours generally compensate by managing their day offs. This job is suitable for those who can work even till late hours.

Functions of a Successful Marketing Manager

1. Works with senior-most management
Marketing manager works directly with upper-level management. Digital Marketing Manager assists the upper management in finding out the best marketing policies and plans to solve issues.

Their job is to work with the management team and figure out the best plans and policies to ensure top-notch marketing of the business.

2. Identify opportunities
To generate and increase the requirement and demand of the company’s products and services, the marketing manager has to look for new opportunities and work on them.

3. Coordinate and supervise business activities
It is the marketing manager responsibilities to establish strong coordination in various business activities of sales, storage, packing, advertisement, transportation, sales promotion, purchase, after sale-services, etc.

4. Evaluate and update the product
In today’s fast changing time, the demand and the requirements of the customers keep on changing from time to time.

To keep up with the changing demands it is necessary for the Digital Marketing Manager to maintain strong connections in the existing markets for the benefit of the company’s by growth and profit.

5. Choose the right medium of distribution
The channel of products and services distribution is decided by the marketing manager whether the manager has decided to through retailers or wholesalers, etc.

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