Testing – To Be Sure, Testing is a process of verification and validation of functionality of any device, software, tool, etc. Testing ensures that working of the product is as per expectation or as per defined rules before giving it to end-user or customer. If the process of testing properly and incorrect manner than it limits the error, and rectify the product defects. Testing is not an easy task, so one should not take this carelessly. Nowadays organization whether they are small or big, depute specialist to check bugs, error in software and in products. But to get good and timely results there is a need to follow the process of testing carefully.

Make and implement good testing case plan by defining strategy, should maintain test record data to compare test results if there is any disparity in the test results and in actual results one needs to amend coding and correct the documents accordingly.


Testing of a product is required always, and this is very important too. According to different case studies here are the few points those can signify the importance of testing. In the year of 1999 a bug in software cost a loss of an army satellite which has the worth of $1.2 billion, this case is considering as the costliest loss in history. In the May 1996 a test fails to credit the 930 US dollars in the accounts of bank customers of a US bank. Starbucks a renowned firm need to shut down his more than 50 stores because of some error in their POS system. According to reports, there is two accident caused because of software failure in airbags sensory detectors, this leads to Nissan Cars a huge loss, they recall more than a million cars from the market. Besides to all mentioned cases, missing or late testing phase may provide wrong or false outputs that will lead to a new start and this will effect of deadlines and cost of projects. Testing is an important process at each and every step of making a product or software. Testing is not only is used to find defaults but this is also helpful to get trust and reliability of customers. Testing also ensures the error-free, flexible and secure use of the product. Delivery of successful and effective products also helps in making a brand value of the organization. By making brand value an organization can earn good revenue also. If a well-known organization or brands ignore testing and deliver default products lead them to a down place in the market, they also can lose the faith and trust of their customers and that surely lead financial loss to them, so doing testing is much important. Testing also ensures the quality of the product, delivery of a standard and quality product helps to get a profit of customers. Testing is also important to be stable and go for continuous growth in the market and compete with the recent market trends. Testing meets the goals and expectation of user and business owners.

We get to know about the significance of testing but by changes in technologies, there is a need to understand the different type of testing and tools that are in need to perform such testing tasks.

The Black box, White box, and Grey Box testing are the basics of a large field of test. Black box testing s kind of testing which omits the internal functioning of product or software and white box testing considers the internal mechanism of a system. Black box testing is known as functional testing and white box testing is known as structural testing or glass box testing. Black box testing where use to validate software and white box testing perform the task of verification.

Types of Testing
Types of Testing

There are some common testing which is used widely in most of the organization at a different level of product or software making.

1.Functional Testing: System testing, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Smoke testing, Regression Testing, Beta/ Acceptance Testing, Sanity Testing, and interface Testing.

2.Non- Functional Testing: Load Testing, Stress Testing, Security Testing, Compatibility Testing, Performance Testing, Volume Testing, Security Testing, Install Testing, Compalinacxse Testing, Recovery Testing, Localize Testing, Usability Testing, and Reliability Testing.

To perform testing there is a need for testing tools, in the market, there are n-number of tools available to perform different-different testing. Here is the name of some well-known tools.

Behat, QF-Test, Watir, Spec-Flow,NUnit, CA Test Data Manager,SoapUI, Sauce Labs, Ranorex, CasperJS, AutoIt,GenRoacket, Katalon Studio, Bugwolf, BrowserStack, Smartbear SoapUI, Perfecto Continous Quality Lab, Concordion, Squash TM, Squash TA, Screenster,Flood.io, Test Rail, Robot Framework, Micro Focus Loadrunner, Nightwatch.JS, CodeFactor, Test Architect, Karate, xUnit.net, TestObject, Cobertura, Qualia Automation Studio, HTTP Master, Google Test, Cypress Io, Cross Browser Testing, Code Schene, Rational Integration Tester, Sahi, Codacy, Rational Quality Manager, Parasoft SOATest, Pytest, SonarQuabe, Jasmine, Locust, Tricentis Tosca, UFT, Parasoft Development Testing Platform, Parasoft Virtualization, Parasoft API Test, Parasoft Environment Manager, Mocha, Karma, Protector, Qunit, TestComplete, TestNG, CucumberJS, Appium, Jmeter, JUnit, Cucumber, Fitness, Selenium, Gatling,

Automated Testing Tools
Automated Testing Tools

Among all selenium and Katoloan Studio stand first in the marketplace which is mostly used by IT firms, and both of them are freely available in the market. They both are useful in Windows, Linux and OS X platform, tester choose them first to remove and check bugs.

In short, testing is useful and important to get revenue, trust, and reliability of customers, provide quality delivery, and it also protects the fear of failure of product or software.


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