Volkswagen and Microsoft: An another boon in technology digitalization

We all know about Volkswagen, they are leading the market in making luxurious cars for customers at worldwide. Microsoft doesn’t require any introduction, Microsoft services best in the tech-savvy world. Recently on 28th September 2018, Volkswagen and Microsoft announce their strategic partnership. Volkswagen and Microsoft by their strategic partnership will collaborate for Volkswagen Automatic Cloud “. Volkswagen will continue ahead with its digital transformation at full speed. Now with the strategic partnership with Microsoft, the Volkswagen took a decisive and advanced step in digital transformation, with a fully connected vehicle fleet along with an advanced digital ecosystem called ” Volkswagen WE”.  For communication and development, Volkswagen will establish a new office in North Americas, and as per some media sources, Microsoft will help Volkswagen in this, the office would be near to the headquarter of Microsoft.  Microsoft is running on Azure, and Volkswagen chose Microsoft for digitalization, now Microsoft and Volkswagen will re-imagine the driving experience of people worldwide.

From the year 2020, Volkswagen’s more than 5 million cards will be fully connected and would be the part of IOT i.e Internet of things cloud. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess Said ” The Strategic partnership with Microsoft will turbocharge our digital transformation .” The Volkswagen automative clouds will provide telematics and secure data connections between cars and cloud. Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, seat, Skoda, Bugatti, and Ducati will be power up by this automatic cloud.  As per assumptions, Redmond campus will help Microsoft provides, assistance for hiring, management, and consulting for collaboration. The workforce would be expected to increase by 300 engineers, in the coming future. Volkswagen is not the first company which is moving towards the technology advancement or going ahead for digitization, and automotive cloud, last year, Ford announced to open its data center to store all connected cars in Michigan. Honda connected with Alibaba for data security and digitization.  In the long run, this strategic partnership between Microsoft and Volkswagen will provide a solution and developed a customer-centric service of the brand. In coming future Volkswagen fleet of cars become Microsoft azure linked mobile hubs. Microsoft is a top company and has Skype, Bing, window, expertise, and partnership with Volkswagen undoubtedly feeds new cloud management and emerge a new customer and user-friendly driving experience. People can attend their interview, business meets, conference while enjoying their rides.

Volkswagen Automotive Cloud

When the leader meet they made history, and so is the partnership between Volkswagen and Microsoft will do. The partnership will surely be in the benefit of customers, and the business market and shares will surely be going rise in the favor of both organizations.


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