iBeacon technology was 1st introduced in Gregorian calendar month 2013 by Apple. Ever since, it has created ripples in the retail industry, largely benefitting businesses across various industries. In fact, many marketing analysts are of the view that beacon will play a significant role in bridging the gap between online and offline retail stores, thereby greatly augmenting sales.

Now allow us to have a glance at some vital stats related to iBeacon.As per a recent study, it’s anticipated that nearly a pair of.5 billion retail businesses will make significant investments into this technology in the next five years. The Beaconstac reveals that concerning seventy-one of the retailers will apprehend client desires and market demand patterns victimization beacons.

Advantages of iBeacon technology –

As a business, you may raise concerning the varied blessings of using iBeacon.So here is the number of the foremost exceptional and path-breaking blessings offered by this technology:

1. Tracking
As a business, your main target is to grasp concerning the satisfaction level of your client. Ibeacon technology precisely works for the same. Through iBeacon, you’ll analyze the varied statistics associated with the client with none additional effort. As soon as a customer walks into your store, you could meet up to his demands without even deploying any employee for him. You could keep a track at your employees and monitor that employee came when, or at what time of the day does your store get the maximum footfalls.

One of the most important advantages of iBeacon is automation.As presently as folks having your mobile app in their smartphones enter your store, the doors would be mechanically opened for them through iBeacon. You could additionally use this technology as an associate advertising medium. For example, as soon as the person crosses a particular checkpoint, he could be greeted about all the recent products in your store.

Unlike NFC, iBeacon might sway be terribly price economical. The vary of NFC is simply up to zero.20 meters while that for iBeacon is up to 50 meters. So you’ll imagine the price that you simply would need to incur if you started NFCs in your workplace instead of iBeacons.Also, the hardware of Beacon is significantly cheaper and will be put in anyplace at a significantly low price.


Though GPS offers the best navigation tracking it is observed that GPS does not prove to be beneficial inside any building. But with iBeacon’s micro-location geofencing, you could conveniently set up navigation even inside your office premises. It Helps You Gather Important Metrics on Customer Behaviour iBeacon permits you to find out concerning your customer’s behavior and offers you insights and period information concerning your customer’s action.

This information will assist you to build good familiar selections which will improve your customer’s expertise and assist you to produce higher promoting ways to extend profitableness.

Note: Marketing with iBeacon technology is purely permission-based. If users aren’t fascinated by victimization the iBeacon feature, they can turn it off or not download the app at all.

5.Increase Brand Loyalty
iBeacon helps you produce a relationship along with your customers which will keep them coming to try and do business with your whole repeatedly.

Why? Because most iBeacon messages you’ll send can promote engaging offers that customers can’t resist. Customers love discounts. I do. Having an enormous time to develop an iBeacon strategy? You have enough information to assist you to create higher selections for your strategy. At the terribly least this 2 ways ought to facilitate, from the info you have already got.

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